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Traffic Violations

Choose a Qualified, Traffic Ticket Attorney in Rockingham, NC

Fighting a traffic violation? At Williams, Deane and Herndon, we help protect your driving record and advocate for drivers who are encountering potential fines, increased insurance premiums from traffic violations or license suspension.

Traffic tickets may not seem troublesome at first, but can be detrimental over time. Increased points from every traffic violation can dramatically increase your insurance premiums. An accumulation of points can cause your license to be suspended. We handle every traffic violation:

  • Speeding ticket

  • Driving while license is revoked

  • Stop sign and stoplight violations

Get Help with Your Tickets

With Williams, Deane and Herndon's representation, we can help navigate you through the process and minimize the consequences. Contact us for an initial consultation with one of our experienced traffic ticket attorneys. We provide services for Rockingham, NC, and surrounding areas.